After the arrest of PTI leader Imran Khan, Pakistan’s PM Shehbaz said that Imran Khan’s politics are based on “blatant lies.”

Islamabad [Pakistan], May 9 (ANI): Pakistan Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif said on Tuesday, after Imran Khan was arrested, that his politics are based on “blatant lies” and attacks on institutions.

He said he had no question that Imran Khan’s politics are based on “blatant lies,” “untruths,” U-turns, and vicious attacks on institutions. “Making the courts do what you want and acting like the rules don’t apply to you. “The facts from the last few years back up what I said about you in my tweet,” he said in a tweet.

After Imran Khan was arrested, the Prime Minister sent several tweets answering the former PM’s two questions for Sharif. Khan had asked Sharif earlier that day, May 8, to name the people who had tried to kill him.

The arrest of PTI leader Imran Khan

Khan had written, “As someone whose life has been tried to be taken twice in the last few months, can I dare to ask SS the following questions? 1. As a citizen, do I have the right to name those I think were behind the attempts in my life? Why was my legal and Constitutional right taken away from me?

Sharif answered Khan’s questions with four questions of his own. “One, you’ve been bad-mouthing the Pakistan Army as an institution ever since you were kicked out of power. Did you not keep saying bad things about the army and spy agency leaders for a long time before the Wazirabad attack?

In his second question, the Prime Minister asked Khan what other legal steps he had taken besides making daily threats and false accusations.

“You rejected the federal government’s offer to work together and didn’t attend court. We never wanted to know the truth about the attack, but instead. You used it to further your political goals, which is wrong,” his tweet said.

PM Sharif also asked the head of the PTI,

“Three, at whose request was the vicious social media campaign against the soldiers who died in the crash started? ” Which party was the troll brigade from that made fun of the martyrs? Which was a new low in politics and society and was unthinkable. With how you’ve been acting, do we need an enemy?”

He also accused Khan of using religion for political purposes and his party members condoning it. Justifying and even celebrating the harassment of an official delegation, which included a female minister, in a mosque. Didn’t your party leaders agree with or defend it? And even enjoy the harassment and intimidation of an official delegation, including a female minister, in the courtyard of our beloved Prophet’s Mosque (PBUH)? “he tweeted.

PM Sharif also told Khan not to go to Pakistan, which the former PM had called a “jungle.”

“If you say that Pakistan is becoming a “jungle,” I suggest you don’t go there because the truth is often bitter and bad. Let’s not talk about this right now,” the tweet said.

Khan was taken into custody by Rangers officers from the Islamabad High Court (IHC) on Tuesday afternoon. They were following a request from the National Accountability Bureau (NAB).

The chairman of the PTI was arrested as part of the NAB’s probe into the Al-Qadir Trust case. This happened before he went to the IHC to ask for bail in multiple FIRs filed against him. (ANI)

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