By 2020, a deep tech investor expects these 3 AI companies to be worth over $100 billion

3 AI companies, Artificial intelligence (AI) has attracted investors in recent years because of the increased attention it has received and the potential it has to revolutionize numerous sectors. Investors are searching for companies that are creating cutting-edge AI-based solutions with significant growth potential as AI becomes more prevalent and sophisticated. This article will highlight three AI enterprises that are anticipated to have a value of more than $100 billion by the end of this decade.


One of the technologies with the quickest growth in recent years, AI has drawn significant interest and funding from both corporations and investors. AI has the power to drastically change a variety of industries, including healthcare, banking, and retail. AI-based solutions have the power to simplify and automate difficult operations, enhance judgment, and offer previously unattainable insights.

What is deep technology?

Technologies that are the result of scientific research and development are referred to as “deep tech.” These technologies are frequently intricate and demand a lot of knowledge and money to create. Deep technology is frequently contrasted with “shallow tech,” which describes innovations that are simple to create and use, such as mobile apps.

Because it necessitates expert knowledge of machine learning algorithms, natural language processing, computer vision, and other related fields, AI is regarded as a deep technology.

The three AI companies are expected to be worth more than $100 billion

An investor in deep technology claims that by the end of this decade, the following three AI enterprises might be worth more than $100 billion:

Squeezing Face

Users can create, train, and deploy conversational AI bots using the Hugging Face platform, which is built on AI. Modern natural language processing methods are used by Hugging Face’s platform, which has grown in favor among developers for its usability and adaptability. Hugging Face has already secured $40 million in finance, and in the upcoming years, it is anticipated that its growth trajectory will be maintained.


Robotic process automation (RPA) is a specialty of the automation software provider UiPath. With the help of UiPath’s software, organizations can automate time-consuming operations like data input and invoicing to save time and lower error rates. One of the most valuable AI companies in the world, UiPath has a current worth of $35 billion.


The goal of OpenAI, an AI research organization, is to develop cutting-edge AI systems. That is secure and helpful to humanity. One of the most cutting-edge language processing models. Now on the market, GPT-3, was created by OpenAI and is one of a number of innovative AI technologies. One billion dollars have already been raised for OpenAI, which also has alliances with Microsoft and Amazon among other major corporations.

The reasons why AI-related firms have a promising future

The following are some of the factors that make these AI enterprises have a strong development potential:

Market adoption

Healthcare, banking, and retail are just a few of the areas that have already adopted AI-based solutions. The demand for AI-based solutions is anticipated to develop quickly as more organizations realize how AI can revolutionize their operations and boost productivity.


A company’s distinct advantages over rivals are referred to as its competitive advantage. The three AI businesses covered in this article have a competitive advantage due to their capacity. To create ground-breaking AI-based solutions that address complicated issues and boost productivity. These businesses have made significant investments in R&D. Enabling them to develop cutting-edge technologies that are difficult for rivals to imitate. Their competitive advantage in the market has also grown stronger. As a result of their solid brand recognition and devoted customer base. These businesses are well-positioned to take a sizable market share and hold. Onto their competitive edge as the demand for AI-based solutions increases.

Market Opportunity

Numerous sectors realizing the potential advantages of AI to revolutionize their operations. The market potential for AI-based solutions is enormous. The demand for these technologies is anticipated to increase quickly as businesses continue. To adopt AI-based solutions, providing considerable growth potential for AI enterprises. With the potential to achieve valuations of over $100 billion by the end of this decade, the market potential for the AI enterprises highlighted in this article is significant.

Possible difficulties for these AI enterprises

Although there is a lot of potential for AI-based solutions, there may also be difficulties that these AI businesses must overcome. One issue is the market’s escalating rivalry as more companies invest in AI research and development. As AI technologies are still in the early stages of development, there may be limitations to their capabilities, which presents another challenge. In addition, ethical issues including privacy worries and bias in AI algorithms can be a problem for AI enterprises.

Ethics-related matters

Ethical considerations are becoming more significant as AI-based solutions spread. AI algorithms may be biased, producing unfair results that disproportionately affect particular populations. Furthermore, it is possible for AI algorithms to gather sensitive personal data, which raises issues with data security and privacy. These ethical issues must be kept in mind by the AI industry. It must take action to reduce any potential negative effects of its products.

Technical constraints

Although there is a lot of potential for AI-based solutions. There are also technical constraints that AI businesses must take into account. For instance, complicated activities requiring human intuition or creativity might be beyond the capabilities of AI systems. Furthermore, the data that AI algorithms are trained on may constrain them. Preventing them from generalizing to novel situations. It will be crucial for AI businesses to solve these technological constraints as AI technologies advance and to keep extending the capabilities of AI-based solutions.

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