The Microsoft Apple Community Is Now Live For IT Administrators

Microsoft Apple Community, Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, admired Bob Dylan, who famously crooned, “You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.” It appears to have taken Dylan’s advice and started an IT professionals-only Apple tech group.

Microsoft Mac Admins, welcome!

The change reflects the steady increase in Macs used in businesses, particularly in the US. Apple has accomplished what was previously thought impossible, and its platforms now make up 40% of enterprise PC deployments.

Under the leadership of CEO Satya Nadella, Microsoft has been working hard to ensure that its solutions stay applicable across all platforms, Microsoft Apple Community, moving very much in the direction of today’s heterogeneous computing environment. The Best Places to Work in IT in 2024 are now accepting nominations.
In a way, the emerging Mac community inside Microsoft reflects these winds of change.

Using Microsoft on a Mac in the workplace

Arnab Biswas, Senior Product Manager for Microsoft Intune, blogged on the launch of the new Mac forum.

“We were inspired to create this communitorganizationsedback from many organizations who have adopted Microsoft 365 products, including Microsoft Intune, to manage Macs in the enterpriseemphasizeshor said.

Microsoft emphasizes that its community is not meant to take the role of official product support. Instead, it serves as a gathering place for IT professionals who are “passionate and knowledgeable about using Microsoft products on Apple Mac devices in the enterprise.”

The update demonstrates that IT integrates Microsoft Intune, Exchange, and other company technologies into its Apple management stack. Microsoft’s solutions are already incorporated into the finest third-party MDM providers’ products, such as Jamelopement

Incredible development in macOS management.

The general truth is that as demand for using Microsoft’s management tools, such as Intune, on that platform grows, so does Apple’s enterprise footprint. That benefits everyone, especially in environments with mixed computing and legacy systems.

We continue to witness remarkable growth and customer interest in macOS administration. Mac management has been a focus for Microsoft 365, as shown in the supplied macOS capabilities. Therefore, we wanted to offer a program where businesses, particularly IT copracticescould, share best practices, cooperate with other Microsoft 365 or Intune administrators globally, and demonstrate their accomplishments.

Who may attend? How do you fare?

Anyone with a Microsoft 365 account can access the community. You can ask questions, answer them, give comments, and participate in discussions about Microsoft 365 on Mac, just like the influential Mac Admins community on Slack.

The forum will archive earlier entries, remarks, and suggestions—admins from mSendoversee the forum. Simply email with a Microsoft 365 email address to join the community. Tech experts can browse the pages here after registering.

In the distance

Employee preference is a driving factor in technology adoprecognizeay’s top businesses recognize that, as work has become more dependent on technology, Microsoft and Apple Community, the technology chosen has become the employee experience.

The Jetsons at home and the Flintstones at work are not lifestyles workers want to lead. They want to complete their work using the most remarkable technologies now available, and their favourers favorite keeps tfavourEmployees favor.

Employees largely favor the Mac when given the option. Cisco earlier this year confirmed that, given the option, two-thirds of workers would choose to use a Mac for work. Around 56,000 Macs used8,000 Windows PCs were in use at Cisco at the start of 202that As technology advances, Mac usage at t as technology advances organizations will increase to Cisco, and 24% of present Windows users would move to Mac if given the option. This is hardly the only significant enterprise client moving quickly to the Mac.

Microsoft is aware of this, and while the corporation still places a high priority on its consumer PC business. Services and structure are currently critical areas of expansion.

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